Important Information

Welcome. This platform is not an official AO / AOCMF platform and serves as a test bed / prototype. The intention of this platform is to experiment with a place where our international community can exchange their ideas and learn from each other – ask questions and receive immediate answers. You can rate the best answers!

We would like to point out that all answers reflect the opinion of the authors and not of the platform operator. Medicine is a science that is undergoing a rapid change of doctrine. Therefore, the answers must not be used as the sole basis for a medical treatment decision. This platform is reserved for medical professionals. You will need to register with an official email address and a valid (real) name. We will check the data with the AOCMF database, therefore you must be registered on the AOCMF website. Before that you will not be able to ask or answer questions on this website.

No data that violates patient confidentiality may be loaded onto the platform. No data without the written consent of the patient. All data must be made anonymous, i.e. names and birth data on images / x-rays or other medical data must be deleted and faces alienated (e.g. by a black bar) so that the patient cannot be recognized under any circumstances. Please answer the questions to the best of your knowledge and belief and taking into account the ethical foundations of our profession. All rights reserved. We assume no liability for any mishandling and / or damages, which were made on the basis of the recommendations for action on this platform. Advertising and SPAM are NOT allowed.

In case of violation of our guidelines, we will delete user accounts. We wish you a lot of fun and above all an excellent learning experience!

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